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Euro-Can Enterprises LTD

About us

Euro-can is a masonry contractor in the province of Manitoba and has a significant presence in the City of Winnipeg.

Euro-Can’s work can be seen on many prominent buildings around the Winnipeg Area, specializing in brick, stone, and concrete masonry units.

Through superior client service, high-quality craftsmanship and unparalleled dedication, Euro-Can Enterprises Ltd remains a number one choice for new and repeat customers on many of Winnipeg’s masonry projects.

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Our Services

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Pro-Active Management 

"See problems before they are problems" is our philosophy. It is in everyone's best interest that a project is completed on time and on budget.


Nobody likes surprises like "It can't be built like that" or This is a special order and will take an extra 5-6 weeks..." 


With our history in the industry, we can foresee many potential issues from design to project delivery.  We keep our customers informed and consider ourselves part of your team with a common goal.

NEW construction

The majority of our projects are new builds. It has become difficult to drive through any area in Winnipeg and not pass a Euro-Can project. 


We specialize in brick, block, stone, manufactured stone, insulated concrete forms, insulation, air/vapour barriers, flashing and caulking.

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Renovation + Preservation

Masonry is a long-lasting building material. It lasts even longer with some maintenance.  Every summer, we devote 3 to 4 crews to restoring various masonry buildings to their original condition, paintable condition or back to structural soundness as required.  We also provide masonry renovation services ranging from a small masonry opening to as many extensive building changes as possible. 

Assisting Design build

If you have an idea, that's the point at which you can call us. We can offer insight and design assistance on any masonry project.  We use the latest software and can take your plans or sketch and show you your project in 3D, allowing you to make changes and see instantly how that changes affect cost and schedule. The earlier you call, the better. 

Employment Opportunities


Mason Tender



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